teacher goals

I introduced the Diploma Programme Teacher Goals  as an initiative that runs alongside the Diploma Programme Focus. Each teacher will create up to three goals which, in collaboration with the DP Coordinator will give them individual plans for the academic year. At least one of the goals will be directly linked to the Diploma Programme Focus of the school year, which in the example shown, is `curriculum`. Teachers are free to create one or two other personal goals based on their individual needs and interests.

The goal(s) are be kept between the teacher and the Diploma Programme Coordinator and will be discussed in the one-to-one meetings throughout the school year.

The goals are not designed to be passed or failed. They are intended to be an ongoing process of teacher development, focusing directly on the yearly focus of curriculum as well as other areas of pedagogical interest for each teacher.   An aim is to establish a collaborative and supportive environment between each teacher and the Diploma Programme Coordinator as well as allow teachers to reflect upon their teaching and learning practice, and approaches to pedagogy.