student mentor programme supporting documents

The following documents are used to support the Student mentor progamme. I put these documents onto a Google Doc folder for each student on the scheme and give teachers editing rights. Teachers are encouraged to keep the mentor updated on each student`s progress against their targets, as well as sharing ideas on what strategies work well with each student nd the issues the students are continually facing. Mentors are given time in staff meetings to give an update on their mentee. 

The following documents are shown below

  • Targets

  • Student issues

  • Mentor meeting log

  • Strategies that work for the student

  • Teacher comments against the targets



This document shows the student`s targets. In my school they are broken up into academic, self-management and language. These can be adapted for each student depending on their needs.

Mentor meeting log

This document allows mentors to keep a log of the meetings they have with their mentee. They can include targets for follow up meetings, which can be shared with staff.

student issues

This document allows subject teachers to keep the mentor, and other teachers up to date with the issues the student faces in their subject.

strategies that work for the student

This document allows teachers to share ideas on what strategies work for the student within their subject--these can be directly linked to meeting the targets, or general ideas that work for the student.

teacher comments against targets

This document allows the subject teachers to keep the mentor up to date with the student`s progress against the targets in their subject. The mentor can use the information as a focus for meetings with the mentor.