student questionnaire: Present and Alumi students

Present students.

I explained the evaluation process to students during a DP core class and gave them time to complete it anonymously. The form can be found below. As with the parent questionnaire, the results were summarised and put onto the PowerPoint here. A summary of the results was also included in the self-study questionnaire, which was sent to the IB.

The following questions were asked to students in the questionnaire:

  1. Describe your experience in the DP Programmes so far at the school.

  2. What do you like about the IB DP Programmes at the School?

  3. What areas / aspects need improvement?

  4. Why did you wish to enter the IB Programmes at Tamagawa?

  5. What do you see as the benefits of an IB education?

  6. What are the limitations?

  7. Would you recommend the Tamagawa IB Programmes to other students? Give your reasons.

  8. What is your opinion of your learning environment at Tamagawa?

  9. How can the school improve the learning environment in the IB Programmes?

  10. Please comment on the following ways Tamagawa supports you through the DP Programme:

  • Japanese and Foreign staff as Homeroom teachers.

  • Study halls in the MMRC.

  •  Academic / College Counsellor.

  • Student Counsellor

  • DP Study Hall (Once a week for the whole of year 11 with the DP Coordinator)

  • CAS Study Hall (Once a week for the whole of year 11 with the CAS Coordinator)

  • Introduction to DP workshop.

  • DP Core Workshop.

  • Extended Essay Workshops.

  • Amount of formative assessments.

  • Mock exams in July.

11. Please write any other comments.

Alumi students.

As part of the process we also gained the opinions of alumi students, to gain their reflections on the programme and how they had put the skills they had gained into use at higher education.

 The following questions were asked to students in the questionnaire:

  1. How would you summarise your experience of the IB Diploma Programme at Tamagawa?

Please tick a box

  • Very positive

  •  Positive

  •  Neutral

  •  Negative

  •  Very negative

 Please give a reason for your choice:

 2. What university course did you study after you finished the IB?

3. What positive impacts did your experiences in the DP have on your time at university?

4. How did the study skills you learnt in the Extended Essay, CAS and TOK, as well as in your 6 subjects, help you study at university?

5. What impact has studying the IB had on your outlook on life?

6. Please give a summary of your experiences studying the DP at Tamagawa.