extended essay student guide

This Extended Essay Student Guide is given to the students at the start of the process and is referred to in DP Core Classes throughout the writing of the essay. The guide is a useful document for directing students through the different stages of the essay.

This guide is also shared with the Extended Essay supervisor: I go through it with them during the first training workshop.

This guide is given to students both in paper form, and is also put onto Managebac for easy referral at all times.

The guide covers the following areas:

  • Aims of the Extended Essay.

  • Learning Objectives.

  • Overview of the Extended Essay.

  • The Extended Essay and the IB learner profile.

  • Your responsibilities.

  • Advice to students from the examiners.

  • You and your supervisor.

  • Researching the Extended Essay.

  • Writing the Extended Essay.

  • Viva Voce and initial reflections.

  • Award of the Diploma Programme Points.

  • Assessment Criteria.

  • How do I choose a subject, topic and research question?

  • What happens now?

  • Extended Essay Timeline.