Self-study evidence folders

I created a set of folders to support teachers in logging their self-study evidence with the aim of keeping all of the evidence in order and making it easy to find to send to / show to the IBO visiting team. Using standard C1: collaborative planning as an example, a folder was created for each of the subheadings within the standard, in this case C1:1 to C1:9. Within each of these subheading folders was a separate folder for each subject area, where they could put their evidence.

Therefore for history teachers to add evidence for C1:1 they needed to:

  1. Open the C1: Collaborative planning folder

  2. Open the C1:1 folder

  3. Open the History folder

  4. Add Evidence.

In each standard folder I also included the C1 `self evaluation form` from the IBO`s self-study document to remind staff of the exact wording of each of the practices in each standard.