Maximum assessments


As a Diploma Programme Coordinator, it is important to work with staff to make sure that they take into account the wide range of subjects the students are undertaking and do not over burden them with assessments. Each school with have its own assessment policy. In my school in Japan we agreed that the students needed to be given at least one summative assessment per criteria per half-term, to satisfy our school’s reporting policy.

I worked closely with the whole staff and individual departments to plan the maximum amount of assessments per subject per academic year. This helps departments understand the amount of assessments that students have across the programme and allows them to consider the students` workload as they plan both formative and summative assessments.

It is important to listen to the different views and needs of each department while creating a maximum amount of assessments, as well as the times of year they would like to assess students. I worked with each department in departmental meetings to go through their needs and then created a programme wide overview, which was presented to all staff.

Here is an example of the maximum assessments that I have agreed with each department.