DP course overview

In order to support year 10 subject choice I asked all subjects to create a Diploma Programme booklet, which is designed to give the year 10 students and their parents an overview of each subject offered at the school. I created the template and filled in the TOK part to show staff what each subject page needs to look like. Each department then worked to find the relevant information. I then formatted the final document.

The booklet includes the following information for each subject that was offered at my school during the following academic year:

  • aims

  • learning objectives

  • course outline

  • assessment

  • skills you will need

  • links to further education / career choices.

 This Diploma Programme course overview is also designed to guide students and parents in their subject choices and throughout the programme as the course progresses and is designed to be presented in a way that it can also be made accessible to the students and their parents with English as a second language.

The overviews have been used in an options meeting where year 10 students can talk to staff about their subject at the DP level, helping them to make their choices. It is also given to parents at a parent workshop.