DP Core handbook

I worked with the Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS) Coordinator, Mr Richard Beaumont, to create a core handbook for students, parents and staff, which covers The Extended Essay, TOK and CAS.

The Handbook explains the aims and objectives, and gives a detailed overview of each part of the core including the student responsibilities. It is full of advice from official IB guides on how to complete the requirements of each part of the core, including the assessment criteria of each part of it.

The Handbook is given to students before the course starts. Different aspects of the Handbook are gone through with the students at different stages in the Programme, often through DP Core Class. It is also available to staff and is a useful summary for Extended Essay and CAS supervisors.

The Handbook covers the following topics:

Section I: Theory of Knowledge

  • What is Theory of Knowledge? 

  • Aims and Objectives      

  • TOK Knowledge questions          

  • Assessment Outline       

  • The Essay

  • The Presentation            

Section II:  Extended Essay          

  •  Aims and Objectives     

  • What is the Extended Essay?     

  • Responsibilities of the student

  • Responsibilities of the supervisor

  • The Research Process   

  • Writing the extended essay

  •  The viva voce (concluding interview)

  • Assessment criteria        

  • Academic Honesty          

Section III: Creativity, Activity, Service

  • What is CAS@Tamagawa?

  • Aims     

  • Learning Outcomes        

  • Student responsibilities

  • Recording and reporting and reflecting on CAS Activities.              

  • Examples of CAS Activities           

  • Activities the cannot be used for CAS     

  • Links between TOK, The Extended Essay and CAS