The self-study process includes filling in seven different charts:

  • Update of organisation of teaching time.

  • Update of Diploma Programme teaching staff qualifications and IB-recognized professional development.

  • Update of school facilities that support the implementation of the Diploma Programme.

  • Update of implementation budget.

  • Overview of levels of achievement of the standards in section C.

  • CAS programme outline.

  • Update of action plan.


Each charts has a specified person / people who needs to fill them in. Time must be given for this process within the self-study timeline, as many of the charts require information that may take time to collect. Information on implementation budgets, for example may be needed from Human Resources. The chart on the teaching staff qualifications and IB professional development is worth keeping `alive` throughout the five year review cycle as it is beneficial to keep a record of the training that has been given to each member of staff, information which can be used when planning the professional development budget. Indeed, it is important to keep as much information as possible easy to reach, as teachers invariably come and go throughout the five years, and CAS information, for example, may be hard to find if the coordinator has left the school and no record has been kept.  For confidentiality reasons I have not included the completed charts in this website, but they can be found in the IB Self-Study Questionnaire.