aims of the process

This document gives and overview of the aims of the evaluation process. In creating the document, I took the information from the IBO`s Programme evaluation guide and self-study questionnaire. The document explains the IBO`s philosophy behind the process and the expectations of both the organisation and the school. I went through this document in the initial evaluation meeting with teachers. I highlighted the fact that the IBO is aware that while schools are on a journey within the implementation of the programme, they expect schools to make a commitment towards the standards and practices and programme requirements and this is our chance to show the IBO how far we have come in the last 5 years. I also highlighted the point that the process should be used as a source of new dynamism and momentum within the school, and how it will allow us to look at where we are as a programme and consider ways forward and areas for future growth. The evaluation is a good opportunity for teachers, as well as the IBO, to get together, look closely at the programme and analyse our current practices.  In this initial meeting I reassured staff that the process was a chance to show off what we do well and to celebrate the progress that we have made over the five year period. I also made it clear that, unlike some government visits in some countries, the IBO was not looking to give individual assessments on teachers, but was concentrating on the whole programme.