After school responsibilities

This document asks students to map out their after school responsibilities to help them plan when and where they can best do their homework. 

It focuses on

  • Time you got home.
  • Non-homework responsibilities / events.
  • Homework: : subject, time started, time finished, when you received the homework, when the homework is due, if the homework is linked to an assessment or not.
  • Free time: the start and finish times of your free time.
  • Time you went to bed.

I get students to fill this in for a week and then meet them to review what they have found in order to create a sustainable timetable that works for them.

I share this with the students` form tutors and subject teachers to give them an overview of the responsibilities each student has after school. 

This document is also shared with parents during parent workshops. I advise parents to go through the findings with their child to work out best ways forward to help with their organisation.